7 Awesome YouTube Bible Story Channels For Kids

In our homeschool, we start the day studying the Bible. Over the years, we have used various curricula or just read through books of the Bible together. Those have all been great, but some of the most fun Bible lessons have been from You Tube Bible story videos. Nothing draws kids’ attention like a Bible story with animation, funny characters, and music.

We’ve gathered seven awesome You Tube Bible story channels that feature quality, animated, and live productions of your favorite Bible stories and lessons. These videos vary in length and style, so there is something for everyone!

YouTube Bible Story Channels For Kids

Saddleback Kids 

The Beginner’s Bible

The Holy Tales

Crossroads Kids’ Club

Veggie Tales

Christian Mother

Bible Stories For Kids

Do you have another favorite Bible Story YouTube channel or website to add to our list? Let us know in the comments!

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Awesome YouTube Bible story channels for kids - Homeschooling Today Magazine

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    March 27, 2018

    This is not a you-tube channel, but a set of DVDs that cover every story and every book. The Old Testament is finished, and we are working hard to get the New Testament out. We have over 2,000 hand-drawn pictures in the Old Testament, 3 volumes containing 7 hours of Bible. Told as accurately as possible. It has received a Dove family seal, and some awesome comments by those who use it. Our favorites are from parents who say they can’t get their kids to stop watching. Kids learn a huge amount of Bible in a short time.

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