Wiping It “Kleen”: A Review of Kleen Slate

White boards are an unusual topic for a review. After all, a personal white board is just a white board, right? That’s what I thought until our family used KleenSlate.

Use white boards to practice basic skills. I don’t understand it, but if you ask a child to write a sentence on paper, he balks. Ask him to write it on a white board and he asks for more. Go figure! However it works, we take advantage of our children’s interest by copying and solving math problems on white boards.

KleenSlate has the best smooth gliding markers. We especially enjoyed the large markers that were helpful for less dexterous fingers. Bright colors, built-in erasers, and cap holders all impressed us.

Use these white boards. Given the number of individual whiteboards we have owned over the years and the number of children we have had using them, I can give an honest evaluation of KleenSlate. The individual paddles are great for children, and the peel and stick replacement sheets are wonderful and will help your boards last longer. Choose the surface your child likes best—handwriting, graph, music staff, and the Venn diagram, which was more popular than I expected. Easy to hold and show, the paddles include a place to clip the marker (with built-in eraser) into place.

Homeschoolers need more durable, quality tools like those offered by KleenSlate.

Reviewed by Kara Murphy

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    April 24, 2012

    Wow- thank you for your feedback. When a teacher invents a product the best feedback they can hope for is from parents!!! We are here if you have any questions about dry erase- We have done our homework!!! You can also find lesson plans and activities on our website -in the teacher’s room. http://www.Kleenslate.com