The Mom Stocking


In most families, who is in charge of stuffing all the stockings?  MOM

In most families, who never gets a stocking?  MOM

I never really realized that until I became a mom. This is just not right. Such an injustice!

A couple years ago, one of my very best friends in the world was having a rough time with her first baby. She was a thousand miles away and we weren’t going to be able to get together over the holidays. I wanted to do something to cheer her up. But what? That’s when I came across a revolutionary idea – the Mom Stocking. Why didn’t I think of that?!

I took it upon myself to gather some practical items and plenty of chocolate to stuff a stocking to send to my friend. She must have liked it. On Christmas morning, I got a wonderful, blubbery phone call. The stocking was just what she needed! A blessing from a friend.

The Mom Stocking

The first couple years, I stuffed the stocking with practical stuff – travel lotion and pre-spot wipes, a small sewing kit, a toothbrush, a candle, ornaments, chocolate, chocolate, some more chocolate. Since then, I have been collecting stocking stuffers throughout the year. If I run across little things that I think she might like, I pick it up.

Here are some of the things I have put in the Mom Stockings over the years:

  • ornaments
  • jewelry
  • fancy dish cloths
  • gloves
  • handmade soap
  • notebooks
  • pens
  • devotionals
  • key chains
  • inside jokes
  • chocolate
  • gum
  • gift certificates
  • pocket planners
  • candles
  • coin purse

Over the past few years, I have put together “Mom Stockings” for other friends – that homeschool mom who is at her wits end, that neighbor up the block with the newborn who refuses to sleep, the older friend who spends too much time alone.

Who can  you bless with a Mom Stocking this year?


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