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In our house, we thoroughly enjoy summer. It’s swimming pools, backyard baseball, bare feet, and kids running around the neighborhood. Even with all the summer fun, we have found that it is the perfect time to work on academic area that need a bit of polishing. I’m not talking about breaking out curriculum. Think more math games, geography puzzles, and the like. I try to make it fun and scatter it out through the summer. I don’t want it to feel like summer school.

This summer, my son needs to work on his writing. He’s not happy about it, so I’m trying to make it as enjoyable and important for him as possible. My plan is one writing assignment a week and he can’t run with his friends until it is done. That should be good motivation for a 12 year old boy.

Writing Prompts For Summer Days

Since sometimes the hardest part of writing is coming up with something to write about, I’ve come up with writing prompts for my son to choose from. Writing with themes in mind is usually more fun and easier than a random topic. You might write about an upcoming holiday or event, a season, or a current interest.

This summer, write about fireflies, sand castles, hot summer days and more with these writing prompts. Download your free Summer Writing Prompt Printable!

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