Hands-On Learning Tips And Ideas

Face it. All kids are hands-on learners to some extent. They all explore the world with their hands. However, some kids are more tactile than others. Some kids need to have material presented in a tactile way for them to properly process and learn.

Being able to teach in a way that coincides with a child’s learning style is a major benefit of homeschooling. Lessons can be tweaked to fit each student’s learning style. Hands-on techniques can be added to any subject with a little creativity.

Homeschooling Today has a collection of hands-on learning tips and ideas that are great for adding more tactile experiences to your homeschool. Plus, each issue of Homeschooling Today Magazine has a hands-on learning column. Subscribe today!!

Hands-On Learning Tips And Ideas - Homeschooling Today Magazine

Hands-On Learning Help

signs of a hands-on learner featured

Signs Of A Hands-On Learner

planning hands-on activities

Planning Hands-On Activities

Resources For Hands-On Learners

Resources For Hands-On Learners

hands-on resources

Storing All The Hands-On Stuff

Hands-on Activities Including Multiple Ages - Homeschooling Today Magazine

Hands-On Activities For Multiple Ages

Sensitive to yucky textures. Help! - HomeschoolingToday.com

Sensitive To Yucky Textures?

Hands-On Activities

Hands On Spring Series : Flowers - Homeschooling Today Magazine

Hands-On Flowers

hands on rainbow

Hands-On Rainbow Activites

hands-on rain activities

Hands-On Rain Activities

Hands-On Bird Nest Study

Hands-On Bird Nest Study

Spring Bird Journal |Homeschooling Today Magazine

Spring Bird Journal

Hands-On Bug Activities - Homeschooling Today Magazine

Hands-On Bug Activities

make maps 2

Hands-On Reading: Make Maps


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