Family Travels – A review of the Azul Sensatori in Mexico

Traveling as a family is one of the best ways to create lifelong memories. I have several trips stored in my memory that will never be forgotten.

There are many variations of travel, depending on your budget. For instance, if your budget is very limited, a simple day or weekend trip to a special place will still create precious lifelong memories. Camping is one of the best options for a limited budget. Even camping in your own back yard is a treat! We did this several times during my childhood and each time provided many cherished memories.

Though these cost effective options are great solutions for tighter times, why not dream a little bigger? Will you need to spend time saving up for a more exotic trip? Yes. It might take a few months or, depending on where you want to go, even years to save the needed funds. Think of all the benefits though – exploring a new culture, learning how to adapt to a country that might not speak the same language you do, the excitement of visiting a location you might only see once your life, etc.

Recently, my husband and I were blessed with a trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico. We were invited to stay at the Azul Sensatori, an all-inclusive resort by Karisma Hotels.


It makes a big difference if you know a location is reasonably priced and can be trusted. Karisma connected with a good friend of ours, Jen Reyneri, who is a homeschooling mom and founder of the non-profit organization, Word Traveling, to come up with The Ultimate Homeschool Vacation:


Azul Sensatori is a beautiful family friendly resort located near many educational field trip opportunities. We visited Indiana Joe’s Aktun Chen Natural Park. This visit consisted of caving, zip-lining and snorkeling. We had a blast and learned a lot too.

Some of our companions visited the Mayan Ruins nearby. My personal favorite excursion was just off the shore of our hotel. My husband and I sought out a local with a sailboat who took us on a snorkeling adventure. He knew just where to go and we enjoyed the experience immensely. Jen’s goal is to someday hold a homeschool convention at a place like this resort so that families can gain encouragement and have a vacation at the same time. What a wonderful time of refreshment that would be.




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