Enjoy Spring

About this time of year, most homeschoolers are just trying to finish well. They can get a glimpse of the end of the year and tend to push push push to either catch up or just be done with it.

Maybe you have a few lessons that were skipped over Christmas break. Maybe you have a few experiments you never tried because you lacked the supplies. Maybe there was a field trip that got in the way of those writing assignments and tests. Rather than stay locked inside … get out side and enjoy spring.

Springtime is a beautiful time of year. It is a reminder of growth and new things. You might need a visual reminder of your homeschool and the hope that comes with new things.

The weather is gorgeous so take a lesson outside and finish the workbook outside. Soak up fresh air and Vitamin D. We would take out a blanket and snack to the large oak tree in our yard and enjoy the wonders of Narnia.

Springtime offers amazing science lessons that must be experienced firsthand. From nature walks, gardening and botany to birdwatching and other new baby animals … only spring offers an opportunity to explore and discover those special things!

Get outside and enjoy spring! Encouragement for homeschoolers - HomeschoolingToday.com

Many years ago I felt like I didn’t deserve to be outside because I didn’t work hard earlier in the year. Somehow I failed our homeschool family because every blank was not filled in completely. Can I just lovingly say to you, “Stop being so hard on yourself“. I have learned everyone – everyone – deserves to enjoy spring!

If this is your first year homeschooling be sure to take note of the exciting projects and activities you can do next year for spring. My first few years homeschooling I was trying to keep up with a curriculum that was published in the north while we were enjoying a very different earlier spring in the south.

Make notes of holidays and fun days to enjoy together. Google would remind me of Arbor Day and Earth Day (the day of) but we were “too busy” playing catch-up to experience them.

After nine years of homeschooling I promise, you can get those lessons finished and still enjoy spring!


Stef Layton started homeschooling her boys in 2008. She is a hands-on learning advocate and a columnist for Homeschooling Today magazine. You can find hands-on activities at her blog qualitytimematters.com or follow her on Instagram @qualitytimematters


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