Busy Boxes For Elementary Age Boys

Busy boxes are awesome for keeping little ones happy and occupied while older children are homeschooling. We used to rotate puzzles, lacing activities, art projects, coloring pages and such for my son. As long as we kept it fresh and interesting, it bought my daughter and I plenty of time to get her homeschool finished.

Now that he is older, those little kid activities don’t keep his attention. He still needs something to do when he finishes his lessons and his sister is still working. I thought he was just too old for busy boxes. Not so. He just needed some more age appropriate activities and, sometimes, a little more room. Boys at this age need their minds and bodies engaged.

Busy Box Ideas For Elementary Age Boys

Jigsaw Puzzles

Logic Puzzles

Busy Box Ideas For Elementary Age Boys - HomeschoolingToday.com

Art Supplies

Gumdrops and Toothpicks

Marbles and Paper Towel Rolls

Madlib Books

Jump rope

Hula Hoop

Legos With Building Ideas

Engineering Challenge Bag

 Busy Boxes For Elementary Boys - HomeschoolingToday.com

Cars (and anything that can be used as ramps)



Busy Boxes For Elementary Boys - HomeschoolingToday.com

Magnifying Glass

Field Guide for backyard adventures

A bug collection jar

Snacks. (Active minds and bodies need nutrition.)

What other ideas can you add to the list?


 busy boxes for elementary age boys

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    August 10, 2015

    Action figure, jumping jacks, toy soldiers, paper cupcake cups(use with pipe cleans and make fun trees to but in a car city!), and get some screws and nuts. Get a piece of card board poke holes in it and let them screw the nuts on!

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