5 Ways To Bring Technology Into Your Homeschool

Guiding our kids through the ever changing world of technology is one of my favorite reasons for homeschooling. My kids are both homeschool graduates now in college. As they’ve entered college, I’ve seen first-hand the importance of bringing technology into your homeschool.

As a homeschooling mom I never had to wait for the approval of a school board to purchase a new computer or tablet. I had free reign to decide what tools were right for my family. The ability to make these decisions is one of the advantages we hold as homeschooling parents. We want to use technology as a tool and select the best ways in which to use it.

Here are 5 ways to bring technology into your homeschool.

1)Video Streaming

Youtube is a great resource for a wide variety of short educational videos. Here you can find videos to teach a concept, show a scientific theory in action, visit another country, or learn to speak another language.

Looking for educational content on YouTube? Here’s a list of 10 YouTube Channels to get your started.

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Netflix and Amazon Prime offer a host of movies to enhance history, literature, and science studies. Add movies to your child’s queue to create an easy educational playlist for them.

2) Play Games

Games are a great way to increase motivation. Apps and online games can be a great boost for a child who is struggling with a concept or subject. Be sure to select apps that have real educational value. Only introduce a few apps at a time; let your child explore and master those apps, then rotate in more.

Here are my 10 favorite science apps.

Sometimes it’s hard to determine if an app will be a fit for the age of your child. You can search the age appropriateness of most apps at Common Sense Media.

5 Ways To Add Technology To Your Homeschool

3) Podcasts

Podcasts are typically linked to a blog. There are a number of great podcasts available to use in your homeschool studies. Podcasts are great for learning on the go, or for adding some individualized learning for kids who have a love in a specific subject area, say history. There are also podcasts that make for great evening listening.

Here are my favorite podcasts for kids.

But, you don’t have to just listen to podcasts. Maybe your kids would love developing and producing a podcast of their own. They’ll not only bring technology to your homeschool, they’ll make available great content for other families as well. It’s easy to get started!

4) Video Conferencing and Collaborative Exercises

There are a number of great, free video conferencing options available. This means homeschool students can talk to friends and family members near and far who can offer insight into their careers or shed light on a particular subject. Skype is simple and easy to use. I love Skype, but keep in mind it doesn’t offer parental controls.

Oovoo is a great option. It’s free and has parental control features. You can also share documents. This makes it easy to meet face to face and work on a project together in real time. Students can also collaborate on projects with friends or mentors by simply sharing documents. This can be done in real time using Google docs, Microsoft OneDrive, or iCloud.

5) Create Presentations

Have your kids create a PowerPoint presentation that incorporates photographs, diagrams, sound effects, music, or video clips. They’ll be learning a valuable skill for life. And, they’ll have fun adding creative touches to their project. Movie Maker is free and is a great way for your budding film maker to show what they’ve learned in a way that’s exciting for them.

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Our kids are growing up in a digital world. Let’s take advantage of that by selecting the best technology has to offer. We need to show our kids how to use technology wisely. Get started by integrating some of these 5 ways to bring technology into your homeschool today!



Leah is a wife, mom of 2 homeschool graduates and co-founder of CurrClick.com. She’s a popular speaker who encourages parents to walk with their kids through the world of social media and technology so we raise a generation of digitally responsible young adults. She shares tips on technology and social media at leahnieman.com.

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