10 YouTube Channels That Bring The Arts Into Your Homeschool

Technology is wonderful. I can’t imagine homeschooling without it. We have a world of information at our fingertips at all times, resources for every type of learner, and access to expert advice any time we need it.

One technological resource that we use in our homeschool is YouTube. When the kids want to learn how to do something, we search for it on YouTube. There is literally a video to do anything from drawing a unicorn to rebuilding engines.

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YouTube, also, takes us places, shows us things, and lets us learn from people we never would have been able to otherwise.  My children aren’t much for spending the day in a museum, attending events at opera houses, or the ballet. And, we will never get to visit places like the L’ouvre.  However, through the wonder of YouTube, we can see art, listen to symphonies, and watch a ballet all while cuddled up on the couch. The kids will do that.

Here are 10 great YouTube channels that will bring the arts into your living room and help your kids appreciate them.

10 youtube channels that bring the arts into your homeschool

Smithsonian American Art Museum – The Smithsonian American Art Museum has one of the largest collections of American art in the world. Their YouTube channel contains lectures, museum exhibits, instructional videos, art documentaries and more.

Phillip Scott Johnson – This channel has an interesting collection of works of art set to classical music. It’s a different way to look at art that many may find appealing.

L’ouvre Museum – This is possibly the greatest and most famous museum in the world. Through the L’ouvre YouTube channel view exhibits, restoration, learn history, and more. Even though most of the channel is in French, you can use Google translate for the YouTube page. The videos are still amazing in French.

The Museum of Modern Art – The goal of this YouTube channel is to introduce the public to as many artworks and artists as possible. You’ll find artist interviews, artists at work, exhibits, and past live streams.

Spoken Verse – Instead of reading poetry, listen to it. This YouTube channel features quality narration of poetry, Shakespeare, and more.

Dance Channel TV – All dancing. All the time. That is Dance Channel TV. Lots of videos covering various types of dancing and dancers. This channel is great for dance lovers and to expose your family to different types of dance.

Anaheim Ballet – The Anaheim Ballet’s YouTube channel has lots of ballet videos featuring performances, behind the scenes, and instruction.

Smithsonian Folkways – Introduce your family to folk music from around the world. See and hear session recordings, interviews, and more.

Royal Opera House – View beautiful clips of opera and ballet performances from the Royal Opera House in London, England. Plus, you’ll get behind the scenes footage and interviews.

USC School of Cinematic Arts – Film, animation, digital arts and more! This channel features interviews and presentations to help you explore the power of film and interactive media.

Do you have any favorite YouTube art channels to share?

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    January 18, 2017

    What a great resource! Thank you!

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    August 2, 2017

    Thank you for the list of resources! I will incorporate more YouTube viewing in our homeschool schedule.

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    November 20, 2017

    Thank you for putting this together. Usually we will use “Garden of Praise” but I love to have the option of the video! This is great!