10 Fun Ways To Give A Book Report

I have always thought that book reports are important. They are a great way to determine if student actually understands what they are reading, and they are a great way to practice writing. However, after a while, writing traditional book reports can get boring.

Over the years, we have tried different ways to still do book reports, but in a way that is fun and interesting. We have added art, drama, and technology to the mix. This variety allows students to use their talents and to realize how to express what they know through other media. Plus, it keeps them from being bored!

10 Fun Ways To Give A Book Report

Creative Ways To Give A Book Report

Here are 10 fun ideas we have used to give book reports. Some of these I came up with through researching what others have done and others the kids suggested on their own. You can cater these to your student’s age and interest. When they were younger, we made these a family affair to be presented after dinner to everyone. Pop some popcorn and jump in!

1. Make a diorama of a scene in the book and explain it’s significance in the story.

2. Dress as a character and tell the story from the character’s perspective.

3. Make a Power Point presentation.

4. Interview a character from the book.

5. Make a video.

6. Act out a few key scenes from the book (using people or puppets) and tell how they relate.

7. Make a comic strip book report.

8. Sketch a few of the scenes and add text to explain them.

9. Create a poster about the book.

10. Make a timeline with the events of the book.

How Do You Do Book Reports?

Do you do book reports in your homeschool? Do you go the traditional route or do you get creative, too? What are your favorite ways to do book reports?

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