10 Awesome Easter Object Lessons

For me, Easter is the best of the Christian holidays. It is a day of celebration and rejoicing. Easter is the day that we set aside to remember how Jesus conquered death and the grave and rose from the dead. This act ensured that we will be saved from our sin if we accept Jesus as savior.

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This is a message I want my children to grasp and hold onto. To do that, I need to make sure they know it. Object lessons are a great way to learn a story or lesson and commit it to memory, plus they are lots of fun. Here are some family Easter activities that make great object lessons.

easter object lessons

Easter Object Lessons

Resurrection Garden – This activity makes me think of spring and new life. (If gardening is your thing, here’s an idea for an Easter Herb Garden object lesson.)

Decorating Easter Eggs – Decorate Easter eggs and learn about the history behind the tradition.

Resurrection Eggs – Use plastic Easter eggs, props, and scripture to tell the Easter story. (This 12 Days Of Easter unit corresponds with the Resurrection eggs.

Disappearing Sin – This science experiment is a great visual lesson of how Jesus washes our sins away.

Hard Boiled Egg – This is a great object lesson about salvation and perfect for Easter.

easter wreath craft and object lesson

Wreath and object lesson  – Your children can make a beautiful craft you will want to display each year and they can use it to tell the Easter story.

Jelly Bean Prayer – Use Jelly Beans to tell of Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross. A free printable is included through this link.

Empty Tomb Rolls – Make a yummy breakfast treat and show the wonder of the empty tomb at the same time.

Easter Story Stones – This is such a cute way to add a hands-on element to telling the Easter story.

Easter Story Snack Mix – Mix up some snacks for friends and add a printable label to tell them how each part of the snack represents a part of the Easter story.

Does your family have a favorite Easter story tradition? Do you read the story from the Bible or books? Do you do a special craft or decorate eggs? Share it in the comments.

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