Contract Parties: This contract is between Paradigm Press, LLC of Somerset, KY, its heirs and assigns, and the company or party who has contracted for advertising services.

Placement: Special Placement may be requested, but is not guaranteed.

Editing: Ads you send in electronic form also may be edited in order to fit our graphical standards and present a professional appearance in harmony with the rest of the magazine. Such editing is an advantage, not an error, and will not result in full or partial refunds.

Payment Terms: You may pay by major credit card or by check. To pay by credit card, call or email us the Insertion Order with credit card information filled out. Your card will be charged within 15 days of the date on the Insertion Order (IO). See Pg 2 of the IO for a thorough explanation of payment options.

Billing: All ads are to be paid for in advance of publication.

Frequency Discounts: Signing up for a “multiple” insertion rate, the 6x rate, for example, means you promise to pay for an ad in that number of issues within a 12-month period. You may cancel a multiple-issue ad, subject to the conditions below.

Cancellations: Cancellations must be received in writing. Should the advertiser cancel an insertion order prematurely, the advertiser shall pay Homeschooling Today magazine 20% of the remaining cost for ads and forfeit any and all discounts. Failure to pay does not constitute cancellation. Cancellation will result in loss of prepayment, multiple issue, and special discounts. Finance charges may apply to all accounts over 30 days past due and will be calculated at an Annual Interest Rate of 18.00%.

Missing an Issue: We will not be liable for any costs or damages if for any reason we fail to publish an accepted and paid-for advertisement, other than to run it in the next issue.

Wrong Ad: While we do our best to use the most up-to-date information on which ad to run, we will not be liable for any costs or damages if for any reason we fail to publish an accepted and paid-for advertisement and substitute another ad from the same company, other than to run the correct ad in the next issue.

We reserve the right to reject any ad at any time.

Waiver of Liability: Ads are accepted on the representation that the advertiser and its agency have the right to publish the contents thereof. In consideration of such publication, the advertiser and the agency agree to assume all legal liability, losses, and legal fees related to their ads placed in this publication. These include but are not limited to claims and suits for plagiarism, libel, copyright infringement, trademark violations, or invasion of privacy. They indemnify and hold harmless this publication and its owners and workers from any such charges or suits.

Terms & Conditions:
 We will not be liable for events beyond our control which cause an issue to not be printed or circulated in full. We also will not be liable for any losses due to issues not being published on time. Although we will do our best to meet our publication deadlines, all publication dates are estimated, not guaranteed.

Additional Conditions: We reserve the right to deny any ads that we deem are not in keeping with our Mission Statement. No conditions other than those set forth in this rate sheet shall be binding on us unless specifically agreed to, in writing, by the publisher of Homeschooling Today magazine.